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2009-05-13 08:01 pm

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This sucks!  Livejournal is being really slow for some reason, so I can't get on and fill LukexSylar prompts or read anything. Poo!!!
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2009-05-12 09:28 pm
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BIGGER YES! (Capslock necessary)


I'll read it through tomorrow just to check it makes sense, before sending it off to my loveyl and wonderful beta.  I'm so happy I got it finished.  Hopefully it won't need too much doing to it.  Hopefully...
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2009-05-10 08:25 pm
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1000 words down on my Heroes_Exchange fic! I am really rather happy about this. Now just to write the other 2000 and I'll be grand! :D
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2009-05-05 08:10 pm
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Googly eyes

Grah, my eyes hurt from using google maps to search for run down factories in New Orleans. I have no idea about New Orleans, only that Trent Reznor used to live there. Arrghhh my knowledge is guided by my taste in music. Noooo!!!!

It's looking like the French Quarter, but the downtown end of the French Quarter. See, I don't even know if that's right! I r lame.

And now I'm off to get hot chocolate. Hot chocolate makes everything better.
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2009-05-03 07:21 pm

Second post!

I have nothing to say really. It looks like more people are coming on board here, and I have been given some invite codes to set up communities or give to people to invite them here. I really don't know what to do--I only have two, so should I invite someone and make a comm, or invite two people? Heroes_slash is here, but other heroes comms aren't. Then again, would they really be used?? And am I the mod person? I'm really more of a follower than a host I think. Plus I don't want to be some arsehole who snags comms only for them to lie dormant.

Hmm...quandry quandry quandry. Any advice much appreciated!

Edit: I gifted one to mah bb! So that just leaves one more. Hmmmm
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2009-05-01 06:56 pm
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Well, this is all very perky, isn't it?